How To Survive A Losing Streak

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How To Survive A Losing Streak

Due to the nature of casino games, there are always going to be what is referred to as losing streaks and winning streaks. Casino games, regardless of which, are partly or in some cases even entirely, based around luck. This means that there will be periods where it seems like things are just not going your way.

Don’t panic, though, and don’t give up. Since a losing streak is simply the result of statistics balancing themselves out, a so-called losing streak cannot last forever. It will pass, eventually, and you should be concerning yourself with take full advantage when it does pass. The only real trick is to not lose your head in the meantime, and go chasing after losses.

Why Do Losing Streaks Happen?

As already said, casino games are based around luck, which is the same as saying that casino games are based around statistics. And where statistics are concerned, we’re also talking about probability. If you don’t already know, probability is a pretty strange thing that often tends to behave in ways that seem outrageous.

It can seem like a casino game is defying probability, by creating a period where everything seems to either be going your way, or against you. Either way, it cannot last, since the probability is going to balance itself out one way or the other. Taking advantage when things are in your favour is the only thing anyone can really do.

Play Cautiously

Playing cautiously is generally the best approach to casino games in general, but when things are not going your way it is essential to start playing conservatively. Buckle down, reign in your bravado, and weather out the storm. Bet a little less than you would, and wait until the losing streak has passed.

Don’t Chase Losses

One of the biggest mistakes beginner casino game player’s make is trying to chase losses. If suffering a big loss, a beginner player will start playing more aggressively, in hopes of earning back the amount. This is a fundamental mistake, and pretty much guaranteed to make the losses even worse. Losses are always going to happen in casino games and sports betting in NZ, and must be dealt with by maintaining intelligent play. The loss will be earned back eventually, even if a little at a time.

Live To Fight Another Day

If a losing streak seems to have you beaten, and no amount of being patient seems to be helping, pack it in and try another day. Consistent losing can get a person down, and a sour attitude is never the best way to approach a casino games. Call it quits, go have a sleep, and try again tomorrow. A fresh mind and rejuvenated attitude are essential for making the most of casino game sessions.

In fact, it’s almost always a good idea to have a break after an hour or so of play. Fatigued is not a great way to approach a game that involves something as important as your money.

Common Roulette Myths Busted

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Common Roulette Myths Busted

New Zealanders love their roulette, and thousands log in to play online on a daily basis. It is a fast paced, action packed game, always guaranteed to get hearts racing. In fact, as far as casino games go, roulette has one of the quickest turn around times of all, which is exactly what makes it such a popular game.

Roulette is also, however, a game with a great deal of misconceptions based around it. Being such a popular game, many tend to start believing things that are half-truths, or simply not true at all. For those who aim to get better at the game, believing such falsehoods is certainly no help. Let’s take a closer look at a few commonly believed misconceptions about the game of roulette.

The Gambler’s Fallacy

By far the most popularly believed misconceptions are referred to as the gambler’s fallacy, and reverse gambler’s fallacy. It sounds very ominous, but is in fact just a simple misconception about how probability works. The principal is that some have started to believe there are such things as hot and cold numbers on a roulette wheel. That is to say; that certain numbers are more or less likely to come up, depending on how commonly they have come up recently.

Some online roulette games even have a display that shows lists of hot and cold numbers, further perpetuating the myth. The truth is that a roulette wheel is 100% random all of the time. It makes no difference at all if a number has been coming up frequently, or less frequently. The idea that a number is due to come up because it has been absent for a long time, or that it is less likely to come up because it has just been seen, is completely false.

Basing betting on this idea can be confusing, and lead to very poor bets being placed. Instead, keep in mind that any number on a roulette wheel is always just as likely to come up, for every spin of the wheel.

American And European Roulette Wheels

There are two types of roulette wheels commonly used; American and European. Some tend to gravitate towards the American version of the roulette wheel, thinking that there is no difference between the two. There is, however, a very significant difference, and it is important for players to understand this difference.

The American version of the roulette wheel has an added zero pocket. This additional zero pocket increases the house edge, therefore reducing the chances of the player achieving winning bets. Simply put; the American roulette wheel is designed to make it harder for the player to make money. In all cases it better to rather play on the European version of the roulette wheel. When playing online, be sure that the roulette wheel used has only a single zero pocket. Look around, as a European roulette wheel will almost certainly also be available.

If you find that an online casino is not offering a European version of the game, you won’t struggle to find this version elsewhere!

Casino games with the highest house edge

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Casino Games With The Highest House Edge

The house edge on a casino game essentially states what percentage of your stake you will lose to the house in a theoretical mathematical environment.

The house edge is calculated by special software that runs millions of iterations of the game and then works out what the average player win amounts to.

In online casino games the house edge basically says how “winnable” a game is. Games with the highest house edge by definition then provides the most challenging casino games.

Video Poker

When it comes to house edge, video poker games have a reputation for having the lowest. Many video poker games also allow you to play with multiple hands at the same time. For best results, set your video poker to auto play. The computer will make the statistically most relevant move on each hand.


Craps is easily one of the casino games that can generate the most excitement. Part of the nature of its game play and part in the low house edge it holds in NZ online casinos. The house edge on craps bets can be anywhere between 5% and 1.5%

By strategically using the various betting options, Craps can easily turn into one of the more rewarding casino games.


Baccarat is a relatively simple to learn game. Thanks to its simple game play, the house edge is generally about 1.5%. The aim of the game is simply to make a hand with a numeric value of 9. You can also say the next hand will be a tie and bet on either yourself or the banker.


Black jack is always a casino favourite and for good reason too. It is simple to learn but complex to play.

Black jack is one of the few casino games where players can learn a practical and rewarding strategy for playing. This is thanks to the rules of the game. The less decks that are used in the blackjack shoe, the lower the house edge.

The house edge in a single deck black jack game is usually around 1.5% but most online casinos use 4 to 78 deck shoes for the black jack tables.

Poker-three card stud

There of course are a few poker games available at online casinos and they can vary in their house edge amount.

Three Card poker games generally hover around a 1,5% house edge.

These versions of poker are quick to play and a lot of fun. With the low house edge these poker games can easily turn rewarding.


A casino classic, roulette is a game that features one of the highest house edges.

The edge can vary between 2% and 5% depending on whether you are playing a single zero European roulette table or the double zero American version.

Pokie Games

Pokie games hands down generally have the highest house edge. The house edge can vary between 2% and 10% on Pokies.

They still are the most popular casino games however. This is due in no small part to their simple game play mechanics.

7 ways to win with Keno

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7 Winning Keno Tips

Keno is a much loved lottery style game where players must pick a set of numbers from a group of 80. Random numbers are then drawn and if you have picked the correct numbers you win a prize.

The key difference between Keno and lotto is the fact that the less numbers you pick, the bigger your payout is as the odds of correctly picking few numbers is higher than picking a series of numbers and marching only a few of them.

  1. Find A Reputable Site

The first step to improving your Keno winnings is to sign up and play Keno at a reputable online casino. There are a few ways to go about finding the ideal site for you.

You can read online reviews, visit a casino listing site or simply do a bit of research yourself by checking out potential sites as well as casino review forums.

A reputable site means peace of mind as you know the games have been tested and proven fair. You will also have security that when you strike it lucky, there won’t be issues with claiming your winnings.

  1. Look For The Highest Payouts

Online casino sites will each offer their own house edges on games and their own payout percentages.

So in essence, while you are looking for reputable sites, you can also check what their payouts are. The higher a casino’s return to player, the more rewarding your gaming will be.

Even if the percentages you see are small improvements, in the long run those small improvements can mean big winnings.

  1. Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpot Keno games are potentially more rewarding for players than standard Keno as you always have that ace waiting to drop from the sleeve.

A progressive jackpot win can make a big difference to your bankroll and having the option for it there is better than having no chance at it.

  1. Understand The House Rules

This may seem like a no brainer but most people do not bother to read the house rules on games.

This is where you can see the expected return to player and what number combinations pay out what percentage.

  1. Set A Budget

Effectively managing your wager budget is an important part of playing Keno more effectively.

If you blow your entire bankroll in a week then you need to re-evaluate your wager practices.

  1. Start Small

Even after you have read the house rules and find the site you are playing at as reputable, it is still a good idea to first play a few rounds of Keno with a smaller wager budget.

Get a feel for the game first before you start making bigger wagers.

  1. Try Pick Fewer Numbers

You have a total of 15 numbers you can pick in Keno, but the payouts are linked to the odds of you picking a certain number of correct numbers from your total.

This means that if you have a few correct numbers in a smaller pool of chosen numbers, your win will be bigger than if you have many correct numbers in a large pool of picked numbers.

Biggest pokies wins online

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Biggest Online Pokies Wins

We have all daydreamed about what it would be like to win the lottery or a life-changing amount of money on the pokies, and for some this dream has become a reality. Read all about this fortunate bunch below, and then try your hand at online pokies at some of the top-ranked casinos open to players from New Zealand.

While we can’t guarantee that you’ll hit an incredible jackpot like the folks below, you could see yourself walk away smiling with fatter pockets. All of this from the comfort of your home!

Massive Pokies Online Wins Ranked

Below you will find a quick list of the biggest and best online pokies wins that have been recorded recently. One of them found themselves winning an amount so big that they are now listed in the Guinness Book of World Records!

Jon Heywood – £13,213,838.68

October 6th 2015 was the day when everything changed for Jon Heywood, a former solider from the UK. Jon was playing the 25p pokies for a total of 7 minutes before his massive win of £13,213,838.68 came in. He decided to play Microgaming’s Mega Moolah pokie after a television advert prompted him to do so, and now his win has landed him in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Rawiri Pou – NZ$10,144,395.82

Here we have a fellow player from New Zealand who also won a life changing amount of money with Microgaming’s Mega Moolah progressive pokie. Rawiri, a young Maori man, is sure to never forget Friday 17th June 2016 – the day he became a millionaire playing online pokies NZ.

Anonymous – AU$10,423,223

A player who chose to stay anonymous from our neighbouring country, Australia, won an incredible AU$10,423,223 by playing a Microgaming blockbuster pokie on 8th April 2016. Unfortunately the pokie he was playing – The Dark Night – is no longer available to play, however there are plenty of other Microgaming games to choose from which also offer the amazing 243 ways to win.

Giorgios M – $8,000,000

Giorgios M is another millionaire made by Microgaming’s progressive pokie Mega Moolah and won the incredible fortune of approximately $8 million in March 2009. This 36 year old father and businessman from Greece couldn’t believe his luck and had the following to say: “it’s a small moment that could change your life”.

Anonymous – $8,000,000

In February 2012, an anonymous Swedish player won an incredible fortune of approximately $8 million by playing a popular pokie at her favourite online casino. Her starting bet was a measly $50 and she walked away a millionaire.

Online Pokie Success for NZ Players

The above list is by no means exhaustive as there are plenty of people who have become instant millionaires by playing the pokies, but we hope to have given you some winning inspiration. If you are keen to get started on the pokies, we have some advice on finding the best online casino open to players in New Zealand. Firstly, research is the key to success. Make sure to read as many online casino reviews as you can get your hands on, and be wary of sites that are red-flagged by the reviewers and peers alike.

Once you have decided on a few online casino options, take a look at their range of pokies, and make sure there are plenty of options that interest you. There are so many pokies to choose from, so there should be something to suit all players. If you’re happy with the options, make an account and take advantage of the lucrative sign up bonuses which will effectively double your bankroll.

Baccarat strategies explained

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Baccarat Strategy for Novice NZ Players

Baccarat is an easy game to learn, which makes it popular amongst novice online casino players, and also features a delightfully low house edge. If you’re new to the world of playing Baccarat online, then you’ve come to the right place, as we are going to detail everything you need to know to be successful with this fun game.

While we cannot guarantee a win, we can advise novice players in New Zealand in how to minimise losses.

Baccarat Basics: Getting Started

If you’ve never played Baccarat before, you will most likely be unfamiliar with the basics of the game. The good news is that it’s incredibly simple and there aren’t many rules that need to be remembered in order to be successful with this thrilling game. The most important things to remember: the hand closest to 9 is the winner, and there are 3 types of bets that can be placed. There’s a good range of Baccarat variations available at an online casino, but the most popular by far is Punto Banco, which is the example we are using.

The banker and player are each dealt two face down cards, and bets are then placed on either the player or the banker having a hand that is closest to 9, or a tie meaning that both the player and banker have an equal hand. Tie bets have the highest house edge, so these bets are not recommended. The cards are then turned over and either the banker or the player will have the hand closest to 9. Hopefully you’ve correctly predicted which!

Simple Strategy for Success

As with any online casino game, a simple strategy can go a long way, and it’s no different when it comes to Baccarat. When starting out with online Baccarat choose a low stakes table with as few decks as possible in play, as this will minimise the risk factor. The banker bet has the lowest house edge and many Baccarat experts suggest sticking with this bet when getting started.

Money management is very important when it comes to starting out, as it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and you could soon see yourself with a bankroll balance of next to nothing. However, one of the greatest advantages to playing online casino games is the lucrative bonus that you will be afforded when signing up. Most online casinos will match your first deposit up to a certain limit, essentially doubling your bankroll, and this can really supercharge your Baccarat play.

The 1-3-2-6 Baccarat Betting System

There are many Baccarat experts who swear by betting systems for success, and one such system is the 1-3-2-6 system. In this system, the number 1-3-2-6 refers to the unit staked, for example 10-30-20-60, but if you’re a novice New Zealand player, we suggest sticking to the super low stakes of 1-3-2-6 as your betting units. It’s a simple strategy, and we suggest using this for player bets.

How it works: if you place a bet of 1 unit and win, progress through the sequence and place a bet of 3 units, and continue through the sequence up to 6. If you win all 4 bets, simply start from the beginning again. However, if you lose at any point during the sequence, go back to the beginning of the sequence. This betting system is recommended as it doesn’t chase losses, which is a good way to keep your bankroll balance in the positive.

League of Legends betting

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Finding League of Legends Betting Options

Something to bear in mind as we discuss the generalities of League of Legends betting is that we are talking about the most popular game in the largest entertainment sector. More than 100 million people play League of Legends every month. 30 million people play League of Legends every day, and more than 8 million concurrently during peak hours.

League of Legends, or LOL, is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena, known as MOBA. Created by the development team from Warcraft, the game offers upward of $20 million in prize money every year. League of Legends is a team game, where players are split into two teams, the Red team and the Blue team.

Each team has 5 players and the main aim is to destroy the other teams’ Ancient, a large structure in each base. Team members select from more than 121 champions that all have unique abilities and playing attributes. During the game players accumulate experience and thereby upgrade their abilities, rising up through the levels.

Playing League of Legends

Whilst traversing the map towards the opponents’ base, players can increase experience and levels by defeating the waves of minions and monsters that keep attacking. The hero gains experience, and gold if they effect the knockout blow. Gold can be used to purchase items from the shop at the players’ base, and there are towers that need to be built along the way.

This is how the game of League of Legends maintains the interest and the ability of players of all levels to be able to play and enjoy the game. At the more advanced levels, where players are becoming professional and highly competitive, clearly there are going to be a variety of strategies and modes of play that come into effect. This is the basis for the addictive games’ popularity.

Wagering on eSports

For New Zealanders wanting to get involved in this obviously addictive and exciting game, League of Legends betting is available at most of the better sports betting sites that are available to Kiwis. Advice to a beginner punter in this field would be to select a sportsbook that specialises in eSports, because such a site would not only provide a full and comprehensive range of bets on League of Legends, but would also provide players and punters alike with all the relevant information that they need in order to place an informed bet.

Another upside of the better sports betting sites available to New Zealand punters that specialise in eSports and particularly League of Legends betting is that the popularity and widespread wagering on this incredibly popular game are consequently also extremely safe. Making sure that the selected site has the all the prerequisite 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect all transactions and information.

eSports and Sports Betting

The advent of eSports generally, and the associated industries like League of Legends esports betting are derived from the old video game culture. Similarly, only in far greater scale, eSports are organised into competitions and tournaments where players could compete against each other and test the skills they have developed.

As League of Legends betting has grown alongside the eSports industry, so too has access to these sports betting facilities and the related services. New Zealanders are in the perfect position to make the most of this online trend.

Horse Racing Betting

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Horse Racing Betting New Zealand Info

Horse racing betting is a booming business, one of the most popular with the online sportsbooks.  There a superbly vast range of special markets and multiple bets that horse racing enthusiasts can wager the money in their bankroll on, as well as the traditional ‘to win’ and ‘each-way’ markets.

New Zealand Horse Racing Competitions

Kiwis are, without a doubt, passionate about horse racing and horse racing betting.  With a massive 52 race courses in New Zealand, and 65 licensed Racing (RC ) or Jockey Clubs (JC), everyone is sure to have their favourite locals to place their bets on, not to mention all the international horse races such as the Kentucky Derby, the Queen’s Plate, Royal Ascot, Cox Plate and the Melbourne Cup to mention just a few.  The most important races for horse racing betting in New Zealand are the:

  • Auckland Cup
  • Easter Handicap
  • Kelt Capital Stakes
  • LvRC Classic
  • Mudgway Stakes
  • New Zealand 1000 Guineas
  • New Zealand 2000 Guineas
  • New Zealand Derby
  • New Zealand International Stakes
  • Stoneybridge Stakes
  • Telegraph Handicap
  • Wellington Cup

Top Tips For Horse Racing Betting

Best Odds Guarantee – shop around with the different sportsbooks to see if they offer a best odds guarantee.

Free Bets – it is well known that you get super free bets offers with almost all of the online betting sites when you join up.  They all vary with what they offer you, but if you open quite a lot of accounts you may find that you have a lot of free bets to start your horse racing betting pastime with.

Watch the horses form – this is essential in any animal sports racing, whether thoroughbred horse racing, greyhounds or horse trotting and pacing events.  How have they competed at similar distances and in that type of field or course?  Knowing your stats, as each horse will have optimal performance leanings, could make the difference between big winnings or not.   Some horses seem to prefer running on faster ground, but there are definitely the exceptions that outrun the others, and shine on heavier ground.

Follow expert tips and listen to sports news coverage – if you want to earn big in horse racing betting, like any other form of betting you need to follow the daily updates on the news, in horse racing magazines and the experts tips and opinions that the different sportsbooks offer on horse racing betting.  Follow the odds closely too, well prior to the actual race day, and compare those to any drastic changes close to the race date.

Ante-post horse racing betting – also known as futures betting is when there is a fixed odds market established before the race happens, which in horse racing betting is most commonly determined more than 24 hours before the actual race.  Therefore, if the horse you have bet on doesn’t end up running, you will have lost your bet.  So do make sure to thoroughly check out the pre-racing reports before placing an ante-post bet.  The main advantage of this kind of bet is that they most often are guaranteed at much better odds than if you had waited until the day of the race to place your wager.

Mobile online pokies

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Getting Started With Mobile Online Pokies Is Simple

If you’re a novice at mobile online pokies, you’ll be happy to know that getting set-up so that you can start playing is as simple as one, two, three! Mobile gaming is fast establishing itself as a global phenomenon, one that has seen it becoming a popular pastime for smartphone users in countries such New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

One of the biggest reasons behind its popularity is that it’s an easy and fast way for players to access their favourite casino games on the go. Mobile online pokies are a particular favourite amongst New Zealand residents. Players have a large variety of mobile online pokies to choose from, each offering their unique take on various themes.

If you’re keen on stepping foot into the world of mobile online pokies, or if you’re simply interested in swapping your PC screen for convenience of your smartphone or tablet device, here are three steps to get you started.

  1. What You’ll Need

In order to access the very best mobile online pokies that New Zealand has to offer, you’ll need a smartphone or mobile tablet device. You’ll also need to be able to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot or make use of your data plan. Mobile online pokies only function when your device is connected to the internet, as they are hosted online.

The last thing you’ll need to get started is some free time. Make sure you have a few minutes to spare when looking for a mobile online pokies site that matches your interests and gaming requirements. You’ll also need to just a couple of free minutes to complete the registration on the mobile casino site you’re interested in. Signing up should be quick and easy.

  1. Finding The Perfect Match

Choosing the right mobile casino and mobile online pokies game is an important factor that can have an impact on your gaming experience. Spend some to finding a mobile casino that offers a great selection of mobile online pokies games, as well as one that offers enticing welcome or sign up bonuses. Welcome bonuses are a great feature to take advantage of and can be especially helpful when you’re new to the scene, as you can use them to get familiar with the site without committing too much of your own money.

You’re guaranteed to have more fun if you find a real online pokies game that matches your particular interests and betting level. You’ll find mobile pokies games based on everything from sports, popular movies and traditional stories and are bound to find one that matches your specific interests.

  1. Signing Up

Most mobile online pokies require you to complete their site’s short sign up process in order to enjoy the full functionality of the game, as well as to take advantage of welcome or sign-up bonuses.

The best mobile casinos and mobile online pokies sites have quick and easy sign-up processes that won’t take up more than a few minutes of your time, from start to finish. You’ll need to provide a few personal details such as your name, address, contact information and nationality, as well as choosing and setting up your preferred payment method.

mobile keno

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Playing the Mobile Keno Game

Keno is a popular classic lottery and casino game, with its origins in ancient China. It has been popular in land-based casinos for a while, but like many other casino games it also had made the jump to online casino platforms and now mobile casino platforms.

Mobile keno is similar to standard keno games, though there are a few notable differences. For one, mobile keno is played on the mobile platform, making it far more convenient and more easily accessible for New Zealand players than standard keno games.

How to Play Mobile Keno

While standard keno generally allows players to pick from numbers one to seventy, mobile keno allows players to pick from numbers one to eighty. Once players have decided how much they wish to bet, that is, what their wager is, they will be able to pick as many numbers as they wish to play, ranging from one to fifteen.

Once players have made their selection of numbers, the mobile computer system will automatically select the twenty winning keno numbers. This is far more instantaneous than other keno lottery games, which are often drawn once a day or at set times throughout the day. In mobile keno, players will not have to wait to check if they have selected winning numbers. The results will be displayed straightaway.

Winning at Mobile Keno

Every number that players have chosen that also end up as one of the twenty final winning numbers is called a hit. If players manage to land enough hits or lucky numbers, they will win a prize.

How much players stand to win in mobile keno depends entirely on the number of figures picked and how many of them match the final twenty winning numbers.

If players only pick one number and that number hits, they will receive a three-to-one payout on their initial bet. If players pick six numbers and manage to land two hits, they will win back their initial bet. If they land six hits, this will pay out seventy-five to one.

If players pick all fifteen numbers available, then five hits will give them back their original bet, ten hits will reward them with a payout of one hundred and fifty to one, and fifteen hits will land them the ten thousand payout jackpot.

This is the largest jackpot available on New Zealand mobile keno, making the game tremendously appealing to a wide range of casino and lottery players and also to mobile pokies players.

The exact winnings and payouts of each result will be visible on the pay table of mobile keno.

Reasons for Playing Mobile Keno

There are many reasons that players choose to play mobile keno, and the large jackpot is just one of them. Mobile keno is more instantaneously rewarding than standard daily keno.

In addition, mobile keno, through its very nature of being available on a mobile device, is more easily accessible than standard keno games and much more convenient for players. They can play at any time no matter where they are, as long as they have a working data or Wi-Fi connection.