What kinds of roulette can you choose?

Do you think there is only one variation of roulette? People who run online casinos make every effort to ensure that customers are satisfied on many levels. Therefore, most often you can choose different types of roulette – not only among Poles. People who primarily care about having a good time do not care too much about what type of roulette they choose. People who want to win money on a regular basis should opt for the variants that are just the most beneficial for them. Here is a guide for you!

It is definitely a good idea to start with choosing the right online casino that guarantees tons of options on this topic. Secondly, it is worth getting acquainted with the opinions of users about each individual proposal. It is a good idea to choose the varieties of roulette that are most beneficial to the player – taking into account the possibilities of winning in real money https://roulette77.nl/ roulette. If you are interested in this issue, please read the rest of today’s article.

European roulette

Usually, most people choose the European roulette variant. Certainly not only because Europeans opt for domestic solutions. What is this type of option? Read on – it will make it easier for you to find out what is the popularity of this variety. European Roulette consists of a total of 37 fields. Options numbered 1 through 36 are either black or red. In addition, there is also a field 0. This area in European roulette has been marked in green, so you can easily and quickly identify it. The conducted research shows that such a system in European roulette causes that the online casino has an advantage of about 2.7% over the player. Remember that online casinos are not charities that will give away money left and right. You can win there, but such companies secure their interests in just this way.

American roulette

Do you think this advantage is too great after all? Maybe you will worry you now, but European roulette is considered the best in this respect anyway. Taking into account the American roulette option, which is also often available at various online casinos and chosen by players, this handicap is roughly twice as much, about 5.26%.