How To Survive A Losing Streak

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Due to the nature of casino games, there are always going to be what is referred to as losing streaks and winning streaks. Casino games, regardless of which, are partly or in some cases even entirely, based around luck. This means that there will be periods where it seems like things are just not going your way.

Don’t panic, though, and don’t give up. Since a losing streak is simply the result of statistics balancing themselves out, a so-called losing streak cannot last forever. It will pass, eventually, and you should be concerning yourself with take full advantage when it does pass. The only real trick is to not lose your head in the meantime, and go chasing after losses. Continue reading “How To Survive A Losing Streak”

Common Roulette Myths Busted

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New Zealanders love their roulette, and thousands log in to play online on a daily basis. It is a fast paced, action packed game, always guaranteed to get hearts racing. In fact, as far as casino games go, roulette has one of the quickest turn around times of all, which is exactly what makes it such a popular game. Roulette is also, however, a game with a great deal of misconceptions based around it. Being such a popular game, many tend to start believing things that are half-truths, or simply not true at all. Continue reading “Common Roulette Myths Busted”

Let’s Have a Look at 7 Points to Consider Before Playing Keno Online

Keno is a much loved lottery style game where players must pick a set of numbers from a group of 80. Random numbers are then drawn and if you have picked the correct numbers you win a prize.

The key difference between Keno and lotto is the fact that the less numbers you pick, the bigger your payout is as the odds of correctly picking few numbers is higher than picking a series of numbers and marching only a few of them. Continue reading “Let’s Have a Look at 7 Points to Consider Before Playing Keno Online”

Check out the Biggest Pokies Wins Online with Us

We have all daydreamed about what it would be like to win the lottery or a life-changing amount of money on the pokies, and for some this dream has become a reality. Read all about this fortunate bunch below, and then try your hand at online pokies at some of the top-ranked casinos open to players from New Zealand.

While we can’t guarantee that you’ll hit an incredible jackpot like the folks below, you could see yourself walk away smiling with fatter pockets. All of this from the comfort of your home! Continue reading “Check out the Biggest Pokies Wins Online with Us”

Baccarat strategies explained

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Baccarat is an easy game to learn, which makes it popular amongst novice online casino players, and also features a delightfully low house edge. If you’re new to the world of playing Baccarat online, then you’ve come to the right place, as we are going to detail everything you need to know to be successful with this fun game.

While we cannot guarantee a win, we can advise novice players in New Zealand in how to minimise losses. Continue reading “Baccarat strategies explained”

League of Legends betting

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Something to bear in mind as we discuss the generalities of League of Legends betting is that we are talking about the most popular game in the largest entertainment sector. More than 100 million people play League of Legends every month. 30 million people play League of Legends every day, and more than 8 million concurrently during peak hours.

League of Legends, or LOL, is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena, known as MOBA. Created by the development team from Warcraft, the game offers upward of $20 million in prize money every year. League of Legends is a team game, where players are split into two teams, the Red team and the Blue team. Continue reading “League of Legends betting”

Mobile online pokies

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If you’re a novice at mobile online pokies, you’ll be happy to know that getting set-up so that you can start playing is as simple as one, two, three! Mobile gaming is fast establishing itself as a global phenomenon, one that has seen it becoming a popular pastime for smartphone users in countries such New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

One of the biggest reasons behind its popularity is that it’s an easy and fast way for players to access their favourite casino games on the go. Mobile online pokies are a particular favourite amongst New Zealand residents. Players have a large variety of mobile online pokies to choose from, each offering their unique take on various themes. Continue reading “Mobile online pokies”

mobile keno

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Keno is a popular classic lottery and casino game, with its origins in ancient China. It has been popular in land-based casinos for a while, but like many other casino games it also had made the jump to online casino platforms and now mobile casino platforms.

Mobile keno is similar to standard keno games, though there are a few notable differences. For one, mobile keno is played on the mobile platform, making it far more convenient and more easily accessible for New Zealand players than standard keno games. Continue reading “mobile keno”