daily keno

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Playing Daily Keno

Daily keno is a lottery game available to New Zealand players wishing to control how they want to play.  In a nutshell, players will have to choose as many numbers as they wish to match, running from one to seventy. Twenty numbers will be drawn every day and if players match the winning numbers, then they will win as well.

Getting Started with Daily Keno

In order to begin playing daily keno, players will need to decide on how many numbers they wish to play. They can choose anything from two to ten numbers that lie between the values of one and seventy. They could also choose to play a quick pick option, where numbers will be chosen for them.

Once players have picked the numbers they wish to play with, they will need to decide how much they wish to bet on the numbers. This can range from low to medium to high amounts bet per number. The more that player’s bet, the more they stand to win if they do end up landing a winning number.

Once players have decided how many numbers to play, which numbers to play, and what bet they wish to place, then they will need to decide how many draws they wish to play. Here they can choose any number from between one and ten.

There are twenty winning numbers in daily keno, which are, as the name suggests, drawn daily. Players will then need to match their numbers to the twenty daily winning numbers to see if they have won.

Most New Zealand daily keno outlets, whether online or land-based, will offer instructions of how to play the game.

Skill, Luck and Payout

In contrast to many other casino games, particularly the card-based games such as poker and blackjack, daily keno is a lottery game that is purely based on luck. While some players may wish to analyse past results in order to help them decide on which numbers to choose, there is no real strategy to the game, and players are mostly better off just deciding to play roulette for real money and try their luck.

The payouts of daily keno vary quite immensely. Players can win small amounts that barely cover their cost of playing or they can win millions if they have a hand of extreme luck.

Some daily keno tickets will offer players a prize table where they can get an idea of potential winnings, that is, they can get an estimate of how much they could win if they match a certain number of figures. Prize tables, however, cannot be guaranteed.

The Quick Pick Option

If New Zealand players do not wish to select their own numbers, they can go for the quick pick option of daily keno. Regardless of whether they purchase their daily keno tickets online or if they go to a retailer, they can tell the computer system or the sales person how many numbers they wish to play, and these will then be randomly selected on behalf of the player.

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Ghost Pirates Online Slot

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Ghost Pirates takes place on the high seas and is a Net Entertainment production.  This online slot features 5 reels and 243 ways to win and players can look forward to free spins, scatter wins and wild symbols.  Ghost Pirates can be played for free or real money.


The Ghost Pirates symbols are well designed and fit in well with the pirate theme of the game.  The characters that players will meet aboard the Ghost Pirates ship are Peggy Rotten, One-Eyed Ed, Mad Monkey and Polly (the parrot).  The other symbols on the Ghost Pirates ship include two smoking pistols, a map and compass, a canon, a pirate pendant, a jug with a skull and an anchor.

243 Ways to Win

Ghost Pirates does not have paylines but uses win ways.  This is a different method of playing online slots and players can choose 3, 9, 27, 81 or 243 ways to win.  In order to win using this method certain symbol combinations are required and they must run left to right across the reels to create winning combinations.  All of these winning combinations can be found by clicking on the paytable button.

Although the winning combinations will be the determining factor for payouts, the amount of winnings will depend on the bet that a player makes.  Before spinning the reels players must choose a bet level and coin value as well as the amount of winning combinations.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Ghost Pirates wild symbol is the pirate skeleton and will substitute for any of the symbols.  The scatter symbol is the treasure chest. If 3 or more scatter symbols appear on the reels the free spins round is triggered.  In order to trigger the free spins round the symbols must begin on the first reel and then on the adjacent reels.

If players are playing 243 lines they will receive 15, 20 or 25 spins and if playing with less lines players will receive 10, 15 or 20 spins and this will be determined by the amount of scatter symbols but defintiely more than you get from traditional Roulette.  All of the wins during the free spins round will be tripled.  Players can win more free spins during this bonus feature.

Game Settings

To begin playing Ghost Pirates players choose their bet level and coin value and then click the spin button.  The auto button will bring up the autoplay menu where players can choose from a number of uninterrupted spins to play with.

The Ghost Pirates game settings can be found at the bottom left corner of the screen.  The wrench is where players can adjust the sound effects and ambience sound.  The speaker is to adjust the sound and the auto button will bring up the autoplay menu.  The question mark will bring the help screen in to view and this screen offers detailed rules as to how to play Ghost Pirates.

Net Entertainment has once again created a well-designed, good quality online slot and the chance to win with free spins and the chance to triple all wins.


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