Breaks Casino in Dublin, Ireland

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Breaks Casino Information

Breaks Casino in Dublin, Ireland is a land-based casino that is part of the Emerald Casino group. This casino is situated in the heart of Dublin and is located in Eden Quay, welcoming both local and international casino players. Breaks Casino offers a unique casino experience to its players, as it maintains a more traditional casino atmosphere as opposed to the many other members’ casino clubs in the area. It is also popular among locals, thanks to the Texas Hold’em poker tournaments it hosts on a regular basis.

The casino itself is relatively modest in size compared to some of the other native Dublin casinos in the area, but still offers a wide range of classic casino games, including table games like Texas Hold’em poker and roulette, as well as electronic video roulette machines a selection of both classic and newer slot machines with varying bet limits, styles and bonus features.

Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments

Breaks Casino in Dublin, Ireland is known for being one of the hotspots in the area for players of Texas Hold’em poker. The casino is known for hosting regular poker tournaments, and it also offers 3 Texas Hold’em poker tables for players of the game, where both these tournaments and every-day poker games are held. The layout of Breaks Casino has been designed in such a way as to ensure that the comings and goings of slot machine and other table game players and Texas Hold’em poker players are separate and relaxed, with plenty of space for both parties and multiple simultaneous gambling activities despite Breaks Casino’s modest size.

Additional Classic Casino Table Games

There are many other classic casino table games offered at Breaks Casino in Dublin, Ireland. Players of roulette may play their game of choice at a single European roulette table, and 2 dedicated blackjack tables are also featured on the casino’s floor, with each blackjack table offering a unique set of bet limits to suit every player. A three card poker table is also available for poker fans.

Electronic Video Roulette Machines

Also included for roulette players at Breaks Casino in Dublin, Ireland are 3 banks of electronic roulette machines, which offer video roulette games akin to those that can be found at many online casinos. As these online and land-based video roulette games use similar software, players of online roulette games will be able to play comparable games on the featured land-based electronic roulette machines when visiting Breaks Casino.

A Selection of the Latest Slots

Breaks Casino in Dublin, Ireland offers a large range of slot games in addition to the aforementioned range of table games. There are 60 various slot games in total featured on the casino’s floor. These slot offered include more classic slot game variations and some of the latest video slot releases, too. Players can choose from a number of IGT game titles and others, including those that offer progressive slot game jackpots and advanced video slot software from renowned casino software developers.

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