Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl and Betting Online

The Super Bowl is the final championship game of the NFL season which always takes place on a Sunday, hence the term Super Bowl Sunday which is considered to be an unofficial American holiday. It is a highly popular and televised event that is a favourite for sports bettors around the world. Every year 200 million people are estimated to bet on the championship game.

There are a variety of platforms that sports bettors can use to bet on the Super Bowl but online sports betting has become the more popular option for its ease of access and convenience for bettors around the world.

Trusted Sites for Super Bowl Betting

Bettors must always consider betting at an online sportsbook that is trusted so there will never be any doubt when it comes to sharing personal details safely, transferring funds securely and receiving any winnings without issues.

The better sites offer good bonuses for new bettors and those betting regularly. These add value to the bets and entice bettors to sign up or continue betting. A trusted online sportsbook will also supply the best and most reliable odds for the Super Bowl.

Understanding Super Bowl Betting Odds

Almost immediately after a Super Bowl championship the betting odds for the following championship are calculated. This means betting for the next year’s championship can commence. The existing betting odds can however change at any time as certain occurrences are taken into account.

Things that may lead to the change of the betting odds include any adjustments to a team which may alter their strength such as injuries and the final draft.

The NFL Super Bowl betting odds are always available and as honest as possible at trusted online sportsbooks and it is important to understand them. The types of bets that can be placed far exceed simply which team will win, but to aim for the most favourable outcome a bettor must consider what the odds are.

Types of Super Bowl Bets Available

There are a variety of different types of bets that can be bet on the Super Bowl. Each type of bet has its own set of odds and statistics. The key for getting the best possible outcome in sports betting is to not only understand odds, but to understand how each type of bet works.

The simplest bet is the money line bet. This is the type of bet placed on the winning Super Bowl team. The odds are calculated by which team is the favourite and which team is the underdog. This is determined by their strength throughout the championship season.

Over and under bets are considered the most popular types of bets to place. These bets include betting on a team’s points and whether they will be more or less that a predetermined number.

Props bets are quite vast when it comes to what bets fall under this type. They include any instant occurrences that are possible such as which performer will sing the National Anthem, whether the coin toss will be heads or tails up or any play by play action that may occur during the game.

Summer Olympics

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The Summer Olympics Is Held Every Four Years

The Summer Olympics, or the Games of the Olympiad, is an international multi sport event held every four years in a different city. The most recent Olympics were held in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The International Olympic Committee votes on which city will host the Games every fourth year, organises the games and oversees the preparations made by the host city. Since 1904, medals are awarded in every Olympic event, gold medals for first place, silver for second and bronze for third place. The Winter Olympics were created because of the resounding success of the Summer Olympics.

The Modern Games Began In 1896

The Summer Olympics began in its present form in 1896, and was a forty two event competition with about 250 male competitors from 14 nations taking part. The 2016 Summer Olympics was held in Rio de Janeiro, the first Summer Olympics ever held in South America, and the first Games to be held during the local winter season. There were more than 11,000 athletes taking part in the Games, nearly half of whom were women, and they came from 207 different countries. First time entrants were the new country of South Sudan, Kosovo and a Refugee Olympic team. 306 sets of medals were awarded for 28 different sports, including rugby sevens and golf which appeared for the first time.

Eighteen countries have hosted the Summer Olympics, with the United States hosting more Olympics than any other country. London was the first city to hold three Summer Olympics, and several other cities have hosted the Summer Olympics twice. Five different countries, Greece, Australia, France, Great Britain and Switzerland have been represented at every Summer Olympic Games since its modern inception, and the only country to have won a Gold medal at every Summer Olympics is Great Britain. Tokyo, Japan will host the 2020 Summer Olympics, making Tokyo the first Asian city to hold the Olympic Games twice.

An Interesting History

The Summer Olympics has a fascinating history. They date back to the days of the ancient Greeks’ festival of games held in honour of Zeus, the father of the Greek gods. The games were held in Olympia, a rural sanctuary site named after Mt. Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece and the home of the greatest of the gods. The athletes were all male citizens from every corner of the Greek world, even as far as Iberia, or Spain and the Black Sea, or Turkey. The ancient Olympic Games began in 776BC, and were held in Olympia every four years for almost twelve centuries.

People Can Bet on A Wide Array of Games

The modern Summer Olympics, with its huge array of sports and events, is a gift to everyone who enjoys a bet on the athletes or the games. People can place bets on every aspect of the sport in question, who runs in that race, who is the winner, from which country will be come, who will come last, among a host of other types of bets. Anyone betting on any kind of sporting event, including newer soccer and cricket betting online,  is advised to find out all the details of that specific sport, all the athletes taking part and their current form, before placing any wager. There is a large number of sports books that will meet the requirements of everyone wishing to place a wager online, at many online casinos, and all can be used at your convenience.

Sports have been keeping the world entertained for centuries. The Summer Olympics are perhaps the epitome of the best of world sport.

Crocodopolis Slot

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The Crocodopolis Slot Game

The Crocodopolis slot game is a creation of Next Gen Studios. It stands apart from other slot games for a number of reasons, not in the least due to its highly unusual theme. The base of the theme is ancient Egyptian culture, which is not in itself unusual. What is unusual is that apposed to focusing on Cleopatra, the game uses a bizarre crocodile headed creature, dressed in full Egyptian garb. Looking more then a bit disturbing, this creature is the central focus of the Crocodopolis slot game.

But don’t be concerned, as weird as the creature is it also happens to be the player’s closest ally. The crocodile headed monster features in the bonus feature of the game, titled Slide a Wild, which is the second reason that the game stands apart. But we’ll look more closely at the special features later.

Game Play System

The core game play of the Crocodopolis slot game is a 5 reel, 25 betting line system. The betting lines are manually adjustable, able to be raised or lowered between spins, making the game an interesting affair even without the Slide a wild system.

Notice also the gamble button, housed to the left of the spin button. This feature allows players to take a shot at doubling, or even quadrupling wins once they have been achieved. Press the gamble button after a standard win and simply guess the colour or suit of the face down card. Guessing correct will instantly increase the win.

Symbol Designs

Mention has already been made of the crocodile headed monster, so let’s have a look at some of the other symbol designs. The four faces in the main symbol, one of which is the bird headed Horus, another the dog headed Anubis, the third appearing to be a Ninja Turtle of some sort, and the fourth a man, are the most valuable standard symbol in the game. Match this symbol five times and the payouts will be impressive. The scarab beetle, ankh and scroll have less value, but will still be worth keeping an eye out for.

The crocodile monster appears as the wild symbol, and will match with any other symbol to create a matching sequence. The scatter symbol, shown as a golden pyramid, will grant 12 free spins if matched. During free spins all wins achieved will be doubled with this NZ online pokies game.

Bonus Slide A Wild

At the top of the play area is a small button titled Slide a Wild. Move this button from one reel to the next by pushing the arrow buttons. Whichever reel the button is above will have bonus features activated, which will be indicated by the crocodile monster. Some of the bonuses include multipliers, extra wilds, and stacked wilds.

Keep in mind that the Slide a Wild button in the Crocodopolis slot game is always active, even if in position one on the first reel. This means that no extra costs are required to gain at least one special feature. Hence, it is a good idea to move the Slide a Wild feature into your preferred position before taking the first spin.

Andre the Giant

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The Andre The Giant Slot Game

Look at the historical books of famous wrestlers and Andre the Giant will feature as a legend. The enormous man, known for towering above the rest of humanity, tore up the wrestling rings for years. Retired now, the man is still remember fondly for being the focus of many brutal wrestling matches. Today he is remembered for his contributions to wrestling in many ways, including the Andre the Giant slot game.

The Andre the Giant slot game focuses, as would be expected, and The Giant himself. Make use of a stacked wild symbol and Andres will burst through the reels, delivering a solid kick to the face of the player. Activate the bonus game and watch Andre destroy an opponent in animated action. Next Gen certainly went the whole nine yards when making this impressive slot game.

Symbol Designs

The theme of the game, other then Andre himself, seems to have been the experience of visiting a wrestling match. From hotdogs and show tickets to folding chairs and Styrofoam toys, everything wresting match related makes an appearance in the game. But how do the symbols shape up in terms of value to the player?

A mysterious masked wrestler is the most valuable symbol in the game. Wearing a lucho libre mask, this stringy character seems to be an enemy of Andre the Giant, and appears in the bonus mini-game, should the player manage to activate it. In the standard game, however, he will be a friend to the player, paying out a huge sum if matched the total of five times in the real money online slots.

The referee is also a valuable symbol, as well as the championship belt and the ring. But lets be honest, the player started playing this game to see Andre the Giant wrestle. So lets get to the real action already.

Andre Goes Wild

Andre the Giant acts as a wild symbol in the game, as has already been said, but how to get him really angry and going wild? The scatter symbol, appearing as the written words Andre the Giant, will trigger the bonus mini-game if matched three times. Upon the scatter symbol matching a second window will open.

Andre now faces off against his opponent, and the player gets to help out. The reels will spin, with wrestling moves hidden among the standard play symbols. If the wrestling moves match they will be added to the moves Andre may perform. When the sequence finishes all wrestling moves matched will be performed, animated for the delight of the player. Plus, each move that further destroys the opponent will add cash to the players wallet. Wrestling has never been so lucrative. To the spectator, at least.

But we all know Andre the Giant doesn’t leave the ring until his opponent has suffered complete defeat. If Andre does at least three moves, he will end the match with a finishing move. This move is not only impressive to see, but will also result in an enormous jackpot payout. If Andre does less then three moves, however, the match will end early with no climax. How disappointing. Best aim for the three moves and finisher combo.

Silk Road Slot

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Silk Road Slot by Aristocrat Gaming

The Silk Road Slot is a popular land based and online video slot game powered by Aristocrat Gaming. The theme of the game is based around the famous silk route which was an ancient Chinese trade route that led to the expansion of the Asian civilisation. The route derived its name from the high quality silk that was traded all across Asia. The backdrop to the game is a view of the desert where the route snakes its ways along the dunes. The graphics and high quality animation give the game a quality feel with clear and authentic sound effects accompanying each spin.

5 Reel Asian Theme Slot

The Silk Road slot features Aristocrat’s popular slot setup of 5 spinning reels with 243 ways to win. This gives players more chances to create winning combinations. At the start of each spin, players set the number of coins bet per win line. The more coins bet, the higher the payouts for any line win. The Game also includes a number of bonus features including a Wild symbol, Scatter symbols, free spins and multipliers. On the reels, the symbols are all based on the Asian culture and the production of silk on the trade route.

Some of the highest paying reel symbols in the Silk Road Slot include an ancient wine jug, a silk trade ship, a large palace, a silk moth, a roll of silk as well as a silk trader. For the lower paying symbols, the game employs the use of the popular high card symbols which have all been styled and designed to blend into the theme of the game.

Wild Multiplier Symbol

The Wild symbol in the Silk Road Slot is the image of the role of silk. The Wild symbol itself plays two important roles. For starters the Wild symbol acts as a substitute symbol able to substitute for any of the other non-bonus symbols to form a winning combination. Secondly the Wild symbol acts as a multiplier. If the Wild symbol lands on reel 2, the win is multiplied by three. If the Wild lands on reel 4, the win is then multiplied by 5x. If the Wild symbol happens to lands on reel 2 and 4 at the same time, the resultant win is multiplied by 15x to give players some great mobile real money casino slots jackpots.


Scatter Symbols and Free Spins

The Scatter symbol in the Silk Road slot is the moth. This is the only symbol in the game that can pay out from both right to left and left to right. It can also pay out no matter where it falls on the reels. The Scatter symbol is also the key to activating the free spins bonus round. To trigger the bonus round, players must land 3 or more Scatter moth symbols anywhere on the five reels. The more Scatters that trigger the bonus round, the more free spins are awarded. Just three Scatters will offer up 10 free spins while four scatters will up the number to 15. Finding all five Scatters across the reels will reward players with the maximum of 20 free spins and a healthy bet multiplier.

Silk Road

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Silk Road Slots from Aristocrat Games

Silk Road, as the title for this online slots game from Aristocrat suggests, provides an elegant road made of this lustrous fabric for players to traverse, potentially very profitably. As players journey down it they will gain access to untold riches in the form of trading ships; castles; silk traders; and the creature responsible for the prized cloth, the moth.

This game forms part of the Reel Power series by Aristocrat, which makes 243 Ways to Win available, and has five reels and three symbols appearing across these. There are wilds; free spins and multipliers on hand, and both Mac and Windows laptops and computers are able to deliver it to the players who wish to win some money by means of it.

Theme and Symbols for Silk Road Slots Machine

Aristocrat provides very high-quality 3D graphics for Silk Road, and these are provided alongside expertly-selected music and sound effects that are able to entertain players without becoming intrusive. Symbols like a bottle of wine; the fortified gates of a trading post; and a roll of silk all contribute to the luxurious setting the game strives to provide.


The lower-value symbols for Silk Road are a nine; ten; jack; queen; king; and ace, and the roll of silk is the wild. The scatter symbol is the precious moth, and the wild is able to take the place of any of the game’s icons in order to provide a winning combination except for this one.

Features Available for Silk Road Slots Online

One of the many additional features Aristocrat has provided for Silk Road slot is that of autoplay. This powerful extra allows players to set the game to spin the reels without any input required from them for between one and 1 000 spins –allowing players to attend to matters other than the game as they wish to.

Aristocrat has also supplied a tab governing advanced options, allowing players to tweak the settings for the game to their satisfaction. For example, it is possible to set the autospin function to trigger after a certain amount of money has been credited to the player’s account, or ensure that autoplay will activate after a bonus has been received.

Silk Road will particularly please players who are fond of a range of bonus features being available to them, as there are a number of these on hand to be enjoyed. The first of these is the free spins feature, triggered by the scatter moth. The amount of free spins awarded will depend on the amount of moth scatters which land: three moths award players ten free spins; four moths trigger 15 complimentary turns of the reels; and five will deliver 20 free games. This portion of play can be retriggered.

The silk roll wild is also able to trigger a bonus round for Silk Road slot. These icons are limited to appearing only on the second and fourth reels, and, when they do, they will be able to assist players in completing winning combinations. They also are able to trigger multipliers: if the silk roll appears on the second reel, all the player’s wins will be tripled, and these will be multiplied by five if the icon lands on the fourth reel. Should two wild symbols help a player complete a winning combination, all wins will be multiplied by 15.

Red Baron Slot

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Red Baron Slot by Aristocrat Gaming

The Red Baron Slot is a popular land-based and online video slot game powered by Aristocrat Gaming. The game is based on the famous German World War 1 pilot who ruled the skies in his red tri-plane. In this game, players will encounter various image all relating to the baron including his plane, his wife, an air blimp and his dog. The backdrop to the game is a view of a clear blue sky with a couple of while clouds floating by. The graphics are clear and sharp with the classic Aristocrat casino type sound effects accompanying each spin.

5 Reel with 243 Ways to Win

The Red Baron Slot is based on the popular setup with a 5×5 Reel Power arrangement. This effectively amounts to 243 win lines or ways to win. On each spin, players can set the number of coins bet per line, the more coins bet, the higher the payouts for each win. The game also includes a number of bonus features in the form of a Wild symbol, Scatter symbols, an interactive free spins round and multipliers. On the reels, the highest paying symbols include both the Baron and his red tri-plane paying out 1500 coins for all five across the reels. Next in line is his wife followed by an air blimp, a dog and an old radio.

Wild Symbol that Becomes a Multiplier

For the lower paying symbols, the game uses the classic Aristocrat coloured high card symbols from nine to ace. The Wild symbol in the Red Baron Slot is the medal. This Wild symbol only appears on reel three and can be used as a substitute for any of the other standard game symbols to form a winning combination. During the free spins bonus round, the Wild symbol also becomes a multiplier symbol. When the Wild symbol is used to complete a win in the free spins round, it can multiply the win by up to 5x.

Red Target Scatter Symbol

The Scatter symbol in The Red Baron Slot is the target symbol. The target only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 during the base game. The target symbol is the key to triggering the interactive free spins bonus round. To activate the bonus round, players must land all three Scatter target symbols on the three middle reels. Once triggered, players start out by choosing one of five missions. Each mission has a certain number of planes that must be collected in order to win a multiplier for the free spins.


Choose Your Mission Free Spins Bonus

The missions in the Red Baron Slot require players to collect planes up to a certain level. Mission 1 only requires for planes and awards a 10x multiplier. On the other side of the scale, mission 5 requires a total of 20 planes collected but awards a massive 140x multiplier. It is also possible to win a real money casino cash bonus. If 25 or more planes are collected, the multiplier jumps to a minimum of 40x regardless of the mission chosen. Once the multiplier has been established, players will be awarded 15 free spins with the associated multiplier for the duration of the free spins round.

Red Baron

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Aristocrat’s Red Baron Online Slots Machine Game

Red Baron is an online slots machine game from Aristocrat, and the theme is that of the famous pilot from the First World War who went by that name, ruling the skies from cockpit of his crimson biplane. His renowned figure has been the subject of many different types of media, including movies and cartoons, and he now stars as the hero for a video slots game too.

Theme for Red Baron Online Slots from Aristocrat

Red Baron’s theme is firmly rooted in the era of the First World War, and players will be enjoying reels set against a blue sky background, with wisps of clouds flanking the reels on either side. The reels themselves have no discernible casing, and seem to be floating in the air, and the icons are clearly and crisply displayed.

Symbols for Red Baron Online Slots

The reels symbols are all indicative of the theme, and players will be faced with images displaying Zeppelins; radios; the Red Baron himself; planes; targets; and medals. There are more traditional slot icons available as well, and all of the images are supported by first-rate sound effects and some extraordinary animations. The quality of the graphics and animations lend a very authentic feel to the game, and players will feel as if they have transported back in time  for online slots in Australia when they decide to take these reels for a spin.


Gameplay for Red Baron Online Slots

Red Baron has five reels and 243 Ways to Win for players, and the minimum coin bet is 0.01 per reel, the maximum 5. This means that that the top wager for play is 125, and this amount is far larger than is usual for this developer’s slot machine games. The biggest coin jackpot available is 7 500, and players can look forward to a top win of 37 500.

Bonus Rounds for Red Baron Online Slots

There are a number of different bonus rounds for Red Baron:

  • The Iron Cross icon activates a very important bonus round, wherein it will be converted into a wild symbol whenever it appears on the third reel. This will then be able to stand in for any of the other symbols in play, and aid the player in forming lucrative combinations along the reels. When this bonus is triggered players will be awarded with free spins and a multiplier of eight
  • Three or more of the target icons landing on the reels, on the second; third; and fourth reels specifically, will also trigger a bonus round. Players will be awarded 15 free spins, and asked to predict the amount of target symbols that may appear on the reels. Should his or her guess prove to be correct, multipliers will be awarded on any winnings incurred, up to a maximum of as much as 140

The biggest win possible for Red Baron is 37 500, and in order to reach this players are instructed to bet wisely and ensure that they maximise the rewards available in the bonus features of the game.

Mobile Casino News

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Advantages Of Mobile Casino News

There are many ways to get better at casino games. Practice is an obvious choice, and there is virtually no game that a person cannot get better at with regular practice. Some veteran players of poker, for example, insist on playing at least once every day, and anyone serious about any game should likewise do the some. There are some other ways in which a person can get better at a casino game, however, that are often overlooked or taken for granted.

Getting involved in online communities is one of these ways. Casino game players often don’t spend as much time socialising with other players as they should, which is a big mistake. Tips and tricks are passed among players of the same game regularly, via social networks, forums and emails, and it is an excellent way to get veteran advice on a game. Another way to get better, and one of the most overlooked, is keeping up to date with the mobile casino news. This is a pro tip we will take a closer look at now.

Information Shared Via Mobile Casino News

Many think that the mobile casino news feeds are just hot air, used as a way to publicise certain games, garner interest, and generally say nothing much about anything important. It would be wrong, however, to think that nothing useful can be learned from these news feeds. For starters the mobile casino news is a great way to learn about tournaments.

No serious player can expect to get better without participating in tournaments, especially since it is largely a gathering of the best any game has to offer. Beating a computer player at poker is one thing, but playing against others is a whole new ball game. Keep up with the mobile casino news and be the first to know when and where online tournaments are going to take place. Play in as many tournaments as possible and see how quickly your level of skill begins to increase. And, best of all, tournaments are a great way to make friends with other players, all of which very likely have a thing or two to teach.

Getting The Best Deals

The mobile casino news is often loaded with information about which new online casinos have opened, which are closing, and which are offering some outstanding deals. You may be saying that your interest is solely in getting better at your favourite game, and the best deals don’t interest you, but this would be overlooking the fact that the best deals are where the action is, and any serious player wants to be right in the middle of it.

New online casinos, especially those offering great deals, are where online players are going to be drawn, and these are all potential opponents which you may test your skills against. Earning a little money in the process never hurt anyone either. Keep track of where the buzz is occurring in the online casino industry, and jump right in to take full advantage. Remember to also not be afraid to leave your comfort zones. Spending all your time at one online casino will quickly lead to stagnation.

Internet Bingo

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How To Play Internet Bingo

For a person who is accustomed to playing bingo with a physical card, pen, and announcer, internet bingo may at first seem a little confusing. How does a digital bingo card replace a card that is supposed to be made from paper? Who is calling out the numbers if not a person? How do you claim your prizes?

These are all very valid and important questions, especially if you are a person who is new to technological advancements, but with a quick look it will be clear to see that online bingo is very much the same as real world bingo, and perhaps even better in a few ways. For starters, the first question many ask who are new to online bingo; can an online casino be trusted? Some seem to think that an online casino could easily cheat or manipulate the system, taking advantage of unwary players. The truth is that digital casinos are virtually incapable of cheating, since they simply have not been programmed to so.

It is, however, very important to only play at online casinos that are licensed. As for actually playing internet bingo, the process is very easy and intuitive. A player need only buy a bingo card in the same fashion they would a real bingo card. It will be delivered instantly, and can be interacted with via a mouse, if playing on desktop, or by touching it, if playing on a mobile device that uses touch functionality. The numbers will be selected and read out by a compute announcer, which will be done visually, showing the number on the screen, and verbally, saying the number out loud.

Winning And Claiming Prizes

In real world bingo a person is required to call out bingo if having a complete sequence, after which they must physically collect a prize. In internet bingo the game works via an online account. This means that a personalised account must be made before play can commence. This will require entering details such as a name, email address, physical address, and bank account details.

Once the account is verified, which may involve receiving an email, it will come into pay when buying bingo cards, and when receiving prizes. A player who wins will have the funds transferred directly into this account, which may afterwards be withdrawn to the connected bank account. In the case of some version of internet bingo special bonus prizes may be granted, such as free spins on the slot games. These prizes will be restricted to the specific online casino in which the game of bingo is being played.

Playing With Friends

Internet bingo UK is played in a virtual online hall, which means that many players may play in a single location. Friends may be invited and all connect to the same room, meaning that you may all interact with one another. Conversations may be had via voice if the bongo room offers voice chat, and some online casinos even allow you to buy one another virtual drinks. Keep in mind, however, that prizes may be shared among friends only if they specifically choose to do so, and must be organised in advance with that particular game of bingo.