How To Survive A Losing Streak

Birgit Burger 28 Jun , 2017 0 Comments Uncategorized

Due to the nature of casino games, there are always going to be what is referred to as losing streaks and winning streaks. Casino games, regardless of which, are partly or in some cases even entirely, based around luck. This means that there will be periods where it seems like things are just not going your way.

Don’t panic, though, and don’t give up. Since a losing streak is simply the result of statistics balancing themselves out, a so-called losing streak cannot last forever. It will pass, eventually, and you should be concerning yourself with take full advantage when it does pass. The only real trick is to not lose your head in the meantime, and go chasing after losses.

Why Do Losing Streaks Happen?

As already said, casino games are based around luck, which is the same as saying that casino games are based around statistics. And where statistics are concerned, we’re also talking about probability. If you don’t already know, probability is a pretty strange thing that often tends to behave in ways that seem outrageous.

It can seem like a casino game is defying probability, by creating a period where everything seems to either be going your way, or against you. Either way, it cannot last, since the probability is going to balance itself out one way or the other. Taking advantage when things are in your favour is the only thing anyone can really do.

Play Cautiously

Playing cautiously is generally the best approach to casino games in general, but when things are not going your way it is essential to start playing conservatively. Buckle down, reign in your bravado, and weather out the storm. Bet a little less than you would, and wait until the losing streak has passed.

Don’t Chase Losses

One of the biggest mistakes beginner casino game player’s make is trying to chase losses. If suffering a big loss, a beginner player will start playing more aggressively, in hopes of earning back the amount. This is a fundamental mistake, and pretty much guaranteed to make the losses even worse. Losses are always going to happen in casino games and sports betting in NZ, and must be dealt with by maintaining intelligent play. The loss will be earned back eventually, even if a little at a time.

Live To Fight Another Day

If a losing streak seems to have you beaten, and no amount of being patient seems to be helping, pack it in and try another day. Consistent losing can get a person down, and a sour attitude is never the best way to approach a casino games. Call it quits, go have a sleep, and try again tomorrow. A fresh mind and rejuvenated attitude are essential for making the most of casino game sessions.

In fact, it’s almost always a good idea to have a break after an hour or so of play. Fatigued is not a great way to approach a game that involves something as important as your money.

Written By Birgit Burger